Sunday, June 21, 2009

It's been at least five months since I last blogged about anything significant. Let me use my last day of vacation to do some catching up.

First off, Ian is a great, great baby. He's happy, and healthy, and a cute little troublemaker. He's generally sleeping well (though we might be at the start of an expected sleep regression, and getting all three of his seemingly required naps to happen is a challenge on any given day), and he can get to sleep on his own, which has improved the quality of all of our lives. He's pulling up on everything, and occasionally cruises along things about a foot at a time. He's mostly army-crawling, though occasionally does short, deliberate stretches of full crawling.

Work-wise, I've finished my work on The Beatles: Rock Band, and I'm extremely proud of the game. New projects are starting up, and I'm sorting out how exactly I'll be involved in them. Harmonix is a great place to work, and I'm lucky to be there.

Beyond that, um, I'll just show some baby pictures.


Blogger Michelle said...

Oh baby! :D Yay! I get my baby fix! Wheeeee!

Three naps a day? Please teach me your secret. On a good day Gabe will take two. Yesterday was not a good day. :D

Cruising! Awesome! Gabe still doesn't crawl. He spins in circles on his belly, and he pulls himself onto his knees.

thank you for sharing the cuteness! :D

11:08 AM  

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