Friday, April 30, 2010

Collaboration & Communication in Game Design

Hey. Long time no see. Anyway...

Earlier this year, I gave a talk on collaborative design for a couple of conferences. One of them, Game Forum Germany, was kind enough to videotape all of the sessions, and host the videos on their site. Check out my talk here.

Some post-watching-myself-on-video thoughts:
  • Game Forum Germany is an awesome conference. If you ever have the chance to attend or speak there, I highly recommend it.
  • Thanks yet again to the people at Harmonix who suggested ideas for this talk. They helped guide and flesh out my ideas nicely.
  • I guess it's hard to talk about my job without seeming extremely egotistical. (And while I probably have an overly full opinion of myself in some contexts, I usually try to keep it to myself.)
  • I sincerely hope I did right by all the other people involved in the various anecdotes I tell. I tried to present things as honestly as I could, based on how I recalled them, and the need to present things as concisely as possible. (If you think I failed, let me know!)
  • I gave the wrong number of QA members who are on the Beatles vocal harmony strike team! Sorry Matt or Mike!
-- ChrisF


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