Monday, July 03, 2006


We (my wife and I) have three cats, aged 12 years, 2 years, and 4 months respectively. The youngest, Boris, just went for his (now confirmed to be her) first checkup.

While there, he --

(tangent: I just knew that, after weeks of calling him a her by mistake, once we found out that he was a she, that I'd finally start calling her a him and not be able to stop. Grr.)

-- aaaaaaaaanyway, while there, she got two vaccinations, and a de-worming pill.

(tangent #2: If your cat starts showing signs of having a tapeworm, do not do an image search for "tapeworm" on Google anywhere near your lunch time. And under no circumstances should you click on one of the resulting tapeworm images to see all the other, not-at-all-cat-related tapeworm images that might pop up on said page. I have seen things that I sorely wish I could un-see.)

--- soooooooo, in addition to those medications, the vet gave me de-worming pills for the other cats (what with the sniffing and the licking and the glaven!), and a round of once-a-month flea medication for everyone. This stuff is hellishly powerful, and within a couple hours the fleas start crawling off, usually by the least medicated areas of the body, which apparently are the eyeholes.

So in addition to having a fever thanks to the vaccination and medication -- apparently rare but not unexpected, and now under control thanks to a return visit to the vet -- hundreds or thousands of fleas are crawling across Boris' face to get off before or as they die. Which is making her a drooling, even-more-spastic-than-normal mess.

It sucks to see her suffering, but at least the little bastards are dying and she'll be rid of them soon. (And after much vacuuming and laundering, the same will hopefully be true for the house.) As long as she can keep her food down tonight, she should be back to normal soon enough.


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