Sunday, October 26, 2008

A Scene from Breakfast.

(Chris prepares breakfast, slicing half a ball of mozzarella with Kim's chef's knife.* Kim enters, carrying Ian in one hand and his bouncy chair in another. She drops it and starts kicking it into place facing the breakfast nook.**)

CHRIS: I know you're busy, but this knife really needs sharpening. If you love me... if you love your knives...

KIM: (pauses) I DO love my knives...

* The complete breakfast was: coffee, buttered toasted Armenian sweetbread (NOT sweetbreads), sliced fresh mozzarella, and, um, chocolate-covered raisins leftover from the snacks-for-the-hospital pile.

** "It" in this case is the bouncy chair, not Ian.


Blogger BexM30 said...

Ah, the drama of the chef's knife.

7:20 PM  

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