Monday, October 13, 2008

Home Again

In retrospect, it should have been no surprise that driving ninety minutes away from our hospital on the spur of the moment could cause some anxiety, but after a sit-down dessert-fest at a coffeehouse (with a bathroom) all was well again and we had a great time wandering around Portsmouth. It's a place that we've not visited in years, after wearing a deep, tiring rut in the place on many annual Christmas gift-shopping trips. For dinner, we gorged on french fries done up like potato skins -- a decent antidote to my own sudden poutine cravings -- and ended up bringing most of our BBQ entrees home for tomorrow's lunches.

This bonus weekend in particular has been great for us. We alternate between relaxing at the added time and stressing over the ongoing uncertainty of When It All Finally Begins, but having the time together, doing normal things that soon won't be anything like normal, has been a sweet denouement to our soon-to-be-formerly easy lives. Bring on the baby!

(But maybe please wait until Thursday like we've planned.)


Blogger C4 said...

Congrats to you both on the impending cataclysm! A shift in lifestyle of the very best kind. An excuse for all occasions. I mean you only get to use the dead relative excuse thing once, but the baby can always be sick! ;)

The best advice we took and I'll give again here is to go to the hospital when you're ready. Michelle's contractions started slowly on Friday night and we went in Sunday morning. It would have totally sucked to spend all that time in the hospital, but don't stay away for the sake of staying away. Trust your gut! Literally;)

All the best!

10:05 PM  
Blogger rickart said...

In a lot of ways the first few months are pretty easy... sure your sleep will be completely disrupted, but on the other hand, the baby can't get itself into any trouble... he/she can't crawl or even roll over, and they sleep a lot at that age. And you don't need to nag them about finishing there homework yet.

I remember we took Denise with us when she was just a couple of weeks old to a restaurant because we just HAD to get out... we think that the noise of the joint actually helped her stay asleep while we ate.

Sue was willing to do feedings just about anywhere (as long as a blanket was handy), so we still did a lot even with a kid in tow. All of our kids travel really well and I think it's in large part due to willingness to take them with us when we wanted to go someplace.

Enough with the unsolicited advice... have fun and don't let people tell you how to treat you baby... you will know better than anyone what's right for your kid! Whoops! That was more unsolicited advice!

Best wishes to you guys... I'll be sure to check back in!

1:02 AM  

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