Sunday, July 09, 2006

Workin' for the Weekday

I don't know if this is getting old, getting tired, or getting priorities, but I am no longer enjoying working on specs on the weekends.

Actually, I think it's just that I'm working on a spec that isn't super-fun. It's not discovering something new about a design, or delving into the details of an interesting problem; it's just reporting on decisions we've made.

One of the aspects of this job with which I haven't fully made my peace is how emotional state affects my productivity. There are design tasks that I can't wait to finish writing, and others that I can't wait long enough before I start writing them. Sometimes I'm just waiting for the first idea that lets others start to fall into place. Sometimes I'm just resentful that I've set myself up for weekend work (usually late on Sunday night), when I could have knuckled down sooner and been done days ago.

Sometimes, I think it's a healthy part of the process. If I kind of sneak up on the work sideways, it ends up flowing out of me easily when I finally decide to do it. The first draft of the venue effects doc I discussed earlier was one of those times.

This time, I'm just dragging my heels, and haven't figured out why.


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