Monday, October 13, 2008

Bonus Grown-up Weekends

So we're at one-point-something weeks past Li'l Squirmy's due date, which means we've been gifted with two weekends clear of any non-baby obligations. We're trying to make the most of them, although some of that takes the form (for me at least) of lazing around in a way that will be pretty much impossible in a few days.

Saturday we bummed around the house while I compiled our separate musical selections into a single bed-time CD -- a time-consuming rathole that I happily burrowed into -- then went picking pumpkins in Ipswich, followed by an oversized dinner at a nice Mexican restaurant in Newburyport. Sunday we had a lot of fun at the Harvard Square Harvest Festival, which was overtaken by the Honk! Festival making it much more fun than any street festival I can recall, followed by Kim roasting one of our chickens from the meat CSA, which was very very tasty.

Right now we're off to Portsmouth for what most definitely -- next week we're inducing come hell or high-and-unbroken water -- be our last impromptu husband-wife road trip for a very long time. Hopefully we'll not be too neurotic about not squandering our Last Day Of Freedom.


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